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Craft a  4 Easy Steps to Write A Good Expository Essay

An expository essay is written to investigate a subject and explain it in detail.

Most of the expository essays are based on factual information.

As an example, compare and contrast essays or cause and effect essays are types of expository essay.

Both of them include information based on facts and their in-depth analysis.

1. How to Write an Expository Essay

An expository essay follows a five paragraph essay outline. The main components include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

To write an expository essay in a detailed manner, here are some simple steps you can follow.

1.1 Prewriting

To start an expository essay, choose a topic for your essay.

For choosing the perfect topic, brainstorm different ideas that interest you and create an exhaustive list.

Select the topic that interests and inspires you and start your research.

Create a rough outline for your essay by mentioning every main point that is going to be discussed in each essay paragraph.

Keep your outline organized and closely knitted.

1.2 Drafting

Now that you have some research material on your topic, create a rough draft of your essay.

To start an expository essay, the most important component is to focus on the thesis statement. A thesis statement indicates the main point of the essay and what is going to be discussed further in it.

Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence highlights the main point of the paragraph.

Each body paragraph should have a different topic sentence. That means that each body paragraph should discuss and cover a different and single idea. Do not try to cram it with multiple ideas and topics, it will only disrupt your essay’s structure.

Restate your thesis statement with supporting evidence in the conclusion of your essay. Make sure that you do not introduce any new information here. It is your essay’s closure, not an opportunity to introduce a new idea.

Remember, an expository essay is written to analyze and examine the topic by providing relevant and authentic information. It does not discuss a personal story or point of view, therefore, write the essay in third person voice.

Crafting an outline is an essential part of writing your essay, to learn how to outline your essay and what your introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs should look like, head on to our blog on writing an expository essay outline.

1.3 Revise your Essay

Once you have created a rough draft of your essay, revise it thoroughly.

Keep the following points in your mind while you are checking your essay.

  • Is your essay written with an unbiased analysis?
  • Are the facts and examples relevant to the topic of the essay?
  • Is the information clearly written and communicated to the readers?
  • Are there any unnecessary details included in the essay?
  • Is the entire content of the essay focused on the topic?
  • Are there strong transition words being used in the body paragraphs?
  • Is there a smooth flow between the body paragraphs?
  • Is the conclusion correlating with the supporting details mentioned in the essay?

If your essay is written according to these parameters, then you have composed a strong expository essay.

1.4 Edit your Essay

Now you are almost done with your essay. ‘ALMOST!’

Don’t forget to proofread your essay before you submit it.

No matter how strong and detailed content you have added in your essay, if there are grammatical mistakes in it, the whole rhythm of your essay will be ruined.

You don’t want your teacher to spot any grammatical or spelling mistakes in your essay, right?

Make sure your essay is free from every grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

You can also take help from your friends in proofreading. A fresh mind will easily spot mistakes that you might have missed.

2. Conclusion

The key to writing a successful expository essay is research and in-depth analysis. Expository essay itself defines that the essay is about the examination of an idea.

Research your chosen topic thoroughly and get as much information as you can on your essay and note it properly and consistently. If you lack time to research your topic in detail, it is better to hire an essay writer.

Professional essay writers excel in this field as they are known for their exceptional research and writing skills.

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