How Correctness Keeps Your Writing Sharp

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| Grammarly Spotlight

How Correctness Keeps Your Writing Sharp | Grammarly Spotlight

Good writing is about so much more than spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It’s a balance of clear communication, compelling language, and just the right tone. But there’s no denying that misspellings, grammar issues, and rogue punctuation can undercut an otherwise brilliant piece of writing. 

Grammarly’s writing assistant offers comprehensive feedback across a variety of dimensions — including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Grammarly’s correctness suggestions are designed to help you present your most competent, credible self, no matter what you’re writing. Whether you’re working on a future bestselling novel or a cover letter that’s going to land you your dream job, read on to learn about some of the punctuation pitfalls, spelling mix-ups, and grammar mishaps Grammarly can help you avoid.Your writing, at its best.Be the best writer in the office.GET GRAMMARLY


Incorrect: If you would have told me you were sick, I would have called.

Correct: If you had told me you were sick, I would have called.

Incorrect: Please reach out to Alice or myself if you have any questions.

Correct: Please reach out to Alice or me if you have any questions.


Incorrect: The weather may effect our picnic plans this weekend.

Correct: The weather may affect our picnic plans this weekend.

Incorrect: Even common mispellings can be distracting for readers.

Correct: Even common misspellings can be distracting for readers.


Incorrect: I prefer to travel in the winter not the summer.

Correct: I prefer to travel in the winter, not the summer.

Incorrect: In this role, I gained hands on management experience. 

Correct: In this role, I gained hands-on management experience. 

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