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Write a 525- to 1200-word paper describing your action plan for creating that social change. Include the following:

Explain the identified need for change and the mission of the project. (PSLO2)
Select and justify a model of community change from Ch. 2, “Theoretical Frameworks for Community Change,” of Promoting Community Change (e.g., locality development, social planning, or social action) that would support the mission of the project and address the identified need. (PSLO1)
Identify the behavioral and population-level objectives to describe the changes that should occur within the community. (PSLO2)
Describe the strategies for how the mission and objectives will be accomplished. (PSLO4)
Identify the action steps to implement the strategies to accomplish the mission and objectives. (PSLO3)
Describe how your values and attitudes related to the field of human services will help to create this social change. (PSLO5)
Include a minimum of three sources.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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