Ethical Decision-Making

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Ethical Decision-Making Paper:
Students are to write a 12-15 page paper (excluding title page and bibliography) that takes an in-depth look at the NOHS Code of Ethics, a specific case involving a marginalized population or group, and the ethical decisions you would make. You must refer to at least six course texts. The assignment must follow the proper formatting guidelines set out in the syllabus.
The paper is to include:
a) An introduction providing context, outlining the case and population chosen, as well as an outline discussing what the paper will accomplish;
b) A discussion of a specific case considerations (e.g., ethical issues relevant to the case, stakeholders, consequences) and relevant codes from the NOHS Code of Ethics as well as any other ethical standards that are relevant, e.g. (NLA, etc.);
c) A population-specific literature review of a minimum of six peer reviewed articles that you can use to help bolster your capacity to make ethical decisions;
d) A discussion, based from course materials, of possible decisions you could make (e.g., service provider, grant writer) with regards to the chosen case and population.
e) A brief conclusion.

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