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Compare and contrast 2 to 3 different theories of management (chapter 2). Explain which one would work best in today’s business environment and why. Discuss changing views on management – traditional vs. modern managers and highlight one company using modern management techniques.
REMEMBER – Your paper must be research-based – NOT your opinion. Below are the formatting guidelines and requirements.
Must be a typed, double-spaced, MS Word document with 1-inch margins all around (top, bottom, left, right), all fonts must be Arial, size 12
Include a cover page with a title, your name, class, and due date (this page should NOT be numbered)
Your final paper must be a minimum of 5 FULL typed pages, excluding the cover page/reference page (meaning text from the top of the page to the bottom of the page – 4.5 and 4.75 are not the same as 5); your paper should NOT be more than 6 full typed pages (excluding the cover page/reference page)
All paragraphs must be indented (meaning you press the “Tab” key on your keyboard at the beginning of each new paragraph)
All pages (except for the cover page) must be numbered in the lower right-hand corner
You must use a minimum of 4 references (IMPORTANT: one reference MUST be a scholarly source – see the librarian for assistance with this!!!) – you may also use your textbook as a source, but it will not count as your scholarly reference; the paper must include appropriate APA in-text citations (see Purdue OWL for help with APA in-text citations)
You must include a reference page that lists all your sources using APA guidelines (see Purdue OWL for help with APA references) – NOTE: the reference page DOES NOT count toward your minimum page count requirements
Proofread your work PRIOR to submission – check for spelling, grammar and punctuation issues to avoid losing points!
Failure to follow all guidelines will result in a significant loss of points for the assignment.
DUE DATE: December 1, 2019

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